Quick guide on what to wear and what not to wear.

We spend time and care on our gym footwear to protect our joints from impact, our gym bra to hold our wonderful curves in, up and tight and on our gym clothes so they’re cute, pretty and co-ordinated (lets be real it’s a gym look…) but our gym panties are whatever was on top of the plie, clean or what we have been wearing all day already.

What covers our bottom region isn’t at the top of our priorities.

Most of the time we just want to avoid them being seen. No VPL makes for a stress-free workout.

And we do get that, but what if we said that the right workout underwear can make working out so much more comfortable and it really could be better for your health!

Think avoiding UTIs, yeast infections, in-growing hairs, friction burns and scarring.

Here’s an uber quick guide on what to look for in gym underwear.

  1. Avoid lace and satin as they aren’t breathable. Your nether region will suffocate! Enough said.
  2. Instead, pick sweat/moisture wicking breathable fabrics.

Sweat contains bacteria and bacteria loves nothing more than dark, warm, moist places to bread.

Your underwear can be made of synthetic fabric, natural fabric like cotton or a mixture i.e. synthetic with a cotton gusset.

  1. The best gym under wear should be seamless because chaffing, anywhere on your body is uncomfortable, but around your groin area it can be super unpleasant and can take longer to heal.

Not to mention it increases your risk of getting in-growing hairs down there.

  1. Avoid gimmicks like fragrance and silver etc.

Fragranced under wear can cause serious irritation. It could lead to you not been able to work out until you recover.

Silver infused fabrics are pricey and there just isn’t enough scientific evidence to back them.

Also, the research shows that about 50% of the silver is gone after the first wash making for a very expensive wash cycle.

  1. Change out of your sweaty gym clothes and panties as soon as you can and wash them between workouts.

To wear or to bear is a personal choice (shout out to the Commando Queens!) but hopefully the above guide can help you get to that wedgie and VPL free place in your life.