Stay hydrated or see significant drop in your performance!

One of the more unusual things I hear being voiced at the gym is that you can’t sense when you are thirsty so you don’t know when you are hydrated. That sounds a little insane to me. Our bodies have so many senses, not just the sight and sound but plenty more. There is hunger for starters, most people, even in the 1stworld, are all too familiar with that feeling.


After a long gym workout or on that diet ready for the special occasion, it’s there, in the back of your mind, prompting you to raid the fridge.


Well, just like hunger, your body can sense when it’s thirsty, you shouldn’t ignore its prompt. As the title suggests, a small drop in hydration can lead to quite a large drop in performance.


There are many gadgets and reminders available to help aid you in drinking more but for me, it ultimately comes down to one point. Water is just a bit boring. You have to enjoy things or you will not really want to engage in it. For me, drinking plain water is one of them.


Any tips for staying hydrated?

I do, however, have a few tips on how I make my water a little more interesting and certainly more enjoyable.


Firstly, I cannot stand water at room temperature. I don’t know why but to me it just tastes odd. That goes for water that has been stood on the bedside drawers overnight or the first gush from the taps. I have to run the tap for a few seconds to get the cooler stuff or I would rather go without. Keep your water in the fridge or an insulated bottle is perfect!


Secondly, I love to add fruit or fruit flavours to my water.

Squash is good but I am not a great fan of all the sweeteners and sugars that are added. There are some great sweeteners like stevia drops, that are flavoured, but they are a little pricey. You can simply stick to adding a few drops of lemon juice or, go the whole hog, and add a squeeze from a fresh lemon along with a slice. 10 out of 10 for presentation and you get the Vitamin C gains to boot. Nice work.


Whilst I’m on the subject of fruit, a colleague of mine bought one of those bottles where you add fruit into a net part inside the bottle but after a few hours, the strawberries she added looked anaemic and pretty unappetising. I would avoid that one but each to their own.

Thirdly, green tea. There are plenty of well documented benefits of green tea but simply keeping you hydrated is a great plus. My favourite is green tea with jasmine. You can add some honey to taste if you prefer but personally, unless I have a cold, I really don’t enjoy the warm honey flavour.


There are plenty more ways to spice up your water and plenty more ways to remind you to drink. I find the simplest ones are usually the best. Cool fresh water on a hot day or post workout is awesome.


Stay hydrated and keep pushing yourself.