Ladies weight lifting myths busted.

  1. Weight lifting makes you bulky.

This stubborn myth just won’t go away.

Sure, men who lift weights get bigger and bulkier but that’s because they have more testosterone than women and it’s the testosterone that builds the big bulky muscle in men.

Women don’t have enough natural testosterone to get big and bulky. Women will build lean muscle making them look trim and toned.

The muscle will add definition and sculpt (those nice lines) to your body and give you a tighter over all appearance- in short you will actually loose inches off your body, lift bits that are heading south, harden wobbly bits and get stronger.

  1. You have to lift heavy weights to get any results.

You don’t have to lift heavy straight away or at all, in fact you don’t even need weights to get results – think body weight exercises.

You should always be mindful of the amount of weight you are lifting whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro because you must maintain control and proper form or you risk injury.

  1. Cardio is all women need to lose fat.

Adding resistance training to your workouts is a great way to strip away fat across your whole body because you are replacing fat with muscle. Also, muscle carries on burning calories while it grows.

This means that you are burning calories even after your resistance workout has finished – who doesn’t want to be burning calories while sitting on the sofa!

  1. Lifting weights isn’t safe for women it can lead to injury.


Life is easier when your stronger and lifting weights doesn’t just give you muscle it gives you stronger bones, stronger ligaments and stronger tendons.

You can do all the things you love easier while being less injury prone.

Just think how much extra ice cream, profiteroles and dry shampoo you can skip along with in your shopping bag!

  1. Lifting will make me lose my boobs.

Read this to LIFT your spirits!

Your boobs are made up of fat and they sit on top of your chest muscles.

When you work out your chest using weights or body weight it strengthens the chest muscles and helps to lift your boobs giving them a fuller, more pert appearance.

Lift the weights to lift the boobs! We bet that gave you a lift! … (yeah, we’re gonna stop now)