So how do you squeeze in additional exercise to help with fat burning?


Well for me, I break up exercise into small segments and do it throughout the day.


The compound effect and how it helps.

You may have heard of the compound effect. Simply put, this is the accumulation of small acts that grows over a period to become a large result. 10 minutes walking each day doesn’t sound a lot but over a year that is 60 hours total or in other words, one and a half work weeks of exercise. Not bad for 10 minutes a day!


You can easily fit this in by taking simple steps, no pun intended for example, park your car a little further away from work and walk. Commute? Get off 2 stops early and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. You will arrive at work more refreshed and will have made a small achievement right from the off.

Here are some tips to add exercise to your day.

Waiting for the kettle to boil for your morning tea? Why not do some calf raises or have a big stretch. Both will get your blood flowing and will add to your count.


Lunch time, go for a brisk walk, even if it’s just to the end of the street and back.


Another life hack, take the stairs just a couple of times a day and you will work your thighs out and get a bit of cardio in. You can set that as a goal and you will be amazed at how quickly it adds up.


Standing in the queue for lunch, sneakily lift one foot off the ground and help improve your balance. Make sure you balance it out on the other foot. Again, no pun intended.


When you print, make sure you send to a printer the other side of the office. That way you will increase your step count. Easy-peasy. Need a chat with a colleague, go over rather than just email. It will help build a relationship as well.


1-2-1 meeting, go outside and walk and talk. Its good exercise and it gives you a chance to come up with new and interesting ideas because you are in a different environment rather than glued to the desk.


There are many small, achievable changes that you can make that will help put you on the right track towards your fitness goals. These are just a few that will get you started.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


P.S. How many calf raises could you have done whilst reading this?