New Year, New Gym Membership.


When it comes to gym membership, you’ll either have done this yourself or know someone who has – multiple times.


It starts with the best possible intentions; you’ve spent all of December going all-out on food, drink and festivities and you know, come the new year, things need to change.


So, you sign up to the gym on January 2nd. You feel great about having finally done so – this is where things change, you get fitter and your life becomes a whole lot more healthy.


Fast-forward to February, and we find that you’ve only been to the gym three times (one of those was the induction), your brother now has your running shoes and you’ve lost your membership card. On purpose.


Here’s the thing – it is possible to keep up a gym membership – if you follow these rules:


  1. Go in with purpose

Entering the gym feeling out of place, inexperienced or nervous that you’ll make a fool of yourself is a sure-fire way to ensure you’ll one day abandon that membership card.


Gyms can be intimidating if you’ve not been before, and they are indeed full of people who know exactly what they’re doing.


But none of that matters. You’re doing this for you. And you know what? There’s loads of people in there who feel just like you.


Entering a room with purpose, whether it be for a date, big meeting or gym session is the best way to become confident in yourself and make a success of the task in hand.


  1. Do it with a friend

Chances are, you’ll have a friend who’s in a similar position to you, fitness-wise and who also wants to become a gym-goer.


This is great news, because it means you can share the effort of joining, going and keeping it up.


Exercising with someone is usually far more enjoyable and a little bit of friendly competition will help you both achieve your fitness goals.


What’s more, you can teach other new things and feel less self-conscious about doing so.


  1. Spend time getting to know the gym kit

One of the most common reasons people fall out of love with the gym is because they don’t spend time getting to know the kit.


Gyms have a wonderful range of fitness equipment to take advantage of; you won’t find a room anywhere else in your life that has such a variety of stuff to get your teeth into.


With that in mind, why not spend time sussing out how it all works? Spend the first few weeks of your membership trying out different pieces of kit. Staff will be happy to show you how it all works, and the more familiar you get with the equipment, the more you’ll want to use it.


  1. Take rest days from the gym!

It might be surprising to hear that you’ll put your gym membership in danger if you go too often.


It’s true. Any fitness professional or expert will tell you that rest days are just as important as those spent working out. Overworking your body can lead to permanent damage and emotional stress, which is why it’s vital that you take a day or two off each week.


Listen to your body; when it appears to be screaming “don’t send me there again today” – listen. You know better than anyone when you need to take a break from the gym, and if you accept those instances when they arrive, you’ll start to look forward to the times you’re ready to hit that treadmill again.


Wrapping up

If you follow our tips above, your gym visits won’t feel like chores – they’ll become something you simply do.


The key to a long, successful gym membership is turning it into a habit. And, because we’re habitual creatures, habits are hard to break, which makes the idea of quitting completely absent from your mind.


Go get that gym membership!