If you don’t have a gym membership, how do you keep fit during the colder months?


With the days short, wet and uninvitingly cold and windy, stepping outside to get fit is probably the last thing on your mind.


That’s a shame, because one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to get some exercise. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just regular, consistent and enough to get the blood pumping.


Often, the best ideas for keeping fit can be found right under your nose. Here’s our favourite, low-cost, no-gym-necessary fitness tips that will help you beat the winter blues.


  1. Hit the stairs.

If you live in a house with at least two levels (or a flat that features a set of stairs), you have all the fitness equipment you need.


Running or walking up and down the stairs in your home is a brilliant way to combine a cardio and leg workout. Do as many ascends/descends as it takes to leave yourself breathless, and repeat the exercise a couple of times per day.


You can increase the muscle toning by taking the steps two at a time or strapping a backpack on. But make sure you are evenly balanced.


  1. Join a running club.

Granted – our introduction to this blog might have put you off stepping outside the house once winter hits, but it’s not just the weather that can be off-putting.


Exercising alone when the conditions are challenging isn’t much fun. But if you do it as a group, you’ll share the burden, make friends and turn what would normally be a horrible chore into something far more enjoyable.


There has been an explosion in the popularity of running over the last few years. It’s almost a given that there’ll be a friendly running club within your local area that will be free, easy to join and very welcoming.


  1. Get fit and have fun – Go ice skating with the family.

Exercise shouldn’t always feel like a chore, and there are some great activities you can undertake during the winter that combine fun with fitness.


Ice skating is a perfect example. It’s something the entire family can enjoy, and puts your heart and plenty of muscles to work.


Plus, if you’re confident enough to skate backwards, you can work your muscles even more thoroughly!


  1. Go for a long shop.

You’ll love this one if you love shopping, but there needs to be some ground rules.


Day-long shopping trips are inherently tiring because you spend the majority of time on your feet, walking around. And what better way to satisfy your thirst for retail therapy than to get fit while doing it?


Promise yourself a day trip to your local shopping centre but set a goal for how many steps or the distance you want to achieve. Providing you have a fitness tracker or smartwatch to hand, you can then keep an eye on your progress throughout the day. It will become far more important than the shopping you undertake.


Just avoid lengthy stops at coffee shops and the multitude of naughty treats you’ll pass by in shop windows!


  1. Get fit while you binge.

Let’s be honest – cold winter nights are made for Netflix. But what if you could combine the box set you’re hopelessly addicted to with fitness?


Good news – you can!. Before you dive into the next episode, get changed into your gym wear and jog on the spot while watching. Even better, if you have a treadmill or training bike at home, use it for low-level cardio work that lasts the duration of your smartphone or tablet-based box set binge!


We hope this blog has encouraged you to get active this winter. You don’t need a gym membership to get fit when the cold snap bites. You don’t even need to leave the house.