How to care for your Hazzra clothing

We’re all familiar with the box-fresh texture, smell and feel of brand new clothing. But how often have you washed a new running top, hoodie or bra only for it to lose some of its allure once it has dried?

Keeping your Hazzra clothing as fresh as the day you bought it is actually a lot simpler than you might think. All you need to do is follow our brilliant tips below:

  • avoid all rough and sharp surfaces (trail and fell runners get a pass on this one)
  • wash at 30 degrees or by hand (pop your favourite playlist on if the latter – it’ll sail by);
  • don’t bleach (ever);
  • don’t tumble dry (natural drying takes longer, but won’t result in a Barbie-sized top);
  • don’t dry clean (it’s expensive and means leaving the house!);
  • don’t iron (you’re welcome);
  • don’t use fabric softener (more money saved!); and
  • wash with similar colours (you’ve seen the dry cleaning episode of Friends with Rachel, right?!).

We know you have a life, therefore if you’d rather not wash by hand, the clothing you buy from us can certainly be machine washed. Just make sure you opt for a cool setting (30 degrees ideally). However, if you do have some time for hand washing, it’s still the best solution and will protect the life of the fibres along with the shape of your clothing.

Fabric softener should also be avoided, because it has a tendency to coat technical fabrics and reduce the effectiveness of sweat wicking in sports clothing. It may also introduce some slipperiness, which can make the clothing prone to falling down (not ideal while you’re halfway through your squats!).

It’s best to hang the clothing and let it dry naturally, as this will prevent any damage caused by those somewhat unpredictable tumble dryers. Dry naturally, and you’ll also preserve the shape of the clothing and ensure it lasts for years to come.

Washing machines can be just as unpredictable as tumble dryers, therefore if your garments do begin to lose shape, by rewashing them on a cool setting (without fabric softener), you should find they regain their form.

When washing leggings, turn them inside out and wash with other synthetic fabrics (basically, anything containing lycra or nylon). Avoid including anything abrasive in the wash, such as denim or garments with Velcro® or zippers, because they can cause damage to your leggings thanks to the repetitive motion of washing machines.

You know what you’re doing, and you’re now armed with the best clothing care advice, but please note we’re unable to offer refunds or exchanges if you haven’t followed our tips above.

We’ve got tonnes more advice buried away in our brains, so if you have any questions or just fancy talking clothing with someone likeminded, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you!